Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Thank God for Byther Smith

I want to relate a portion of my day this time out. I was running family errands, just the normal "to do" list, and the traffic was beginning to at first annoy me....... and then it began to really aggravate me.......... and then it seemed as though every couple of blocks the traffic was even worse, AND there was some idiot doing something stupid in front of me. Life threatening stupid.

Well, I was sitting there at the next light unable to move and steaming angry and I put my hand in my left coat pocket and found a cd. I pulled the cd out of my pocket and popped it in the cd player without even thinking, and lo and behold, out came the beautiful soothing sounds of Chicago guitar blues-- Byther Smith's cd "Smitty's Blues." (2001, Black & Tan Records) The first track is "Ought To Be Ashamed" and I felt exactly the pain and hurt that Byther was testifying about. I just let this great blues music wash over my battered and distressed soul for a few minutes, and seriously, all my anger was gone.

The rest of today I've been thanking God for Byther Smith. Can you relate? That's one of the reasons why I love the blues.

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Krin said...

Good Bloggin' Bruce! I don't get much of the Blues over here. But I'll point your site out to a friend, Sam, who might get some education from it.