Saturday, September 19, 2009

Dave Riley and Bob Corritore "Lucky To Be Living"

Dave Riley and Bob Corritore have made another old-fashioned blues record, the kind of guitar and harmonica record you just don't find out there very much anymore. Their first cd together, 2007's "Travelin' the Dirt Road" was a Blues Music Award nominee for Acoustic Album of the Year and Blues Blast Music Award nominee for Best Traditional Blues Recording. This one takes off right where that one left off, and that's a high compliment. Again it's mostly an acoustic outing, rich and deep blues, full of love and loss and infectious joy. There is a big dose of Jelly Roll King music here--four of the songs here are by Frank Frost. Riley's guitar and vocals and Corritore's harp are all perfectly together like one three-part musical monster--that guitar, those deep as a well vocals, and the harp all fit together seamlessly, every part helps tell the story. Other members of the Rhythm Room All Stars Chris James (guitar), Henry Gray (piano), and Patrick Rynn (bass), guest on various tracks, but the whole disc feels like Riley and Corritore just sitting on the front porch and playing. It's MUSIC, friends--good real music. If you want to make yourself deeply happy, get both this cd and The Jelly Roll Kings cd "Rockin' the Juke Joint Down." You will not regret it. A wonderful treat.

The cd release show for this disc is October 10 at the Arkansas Blues and Heritage festival in Helena, Arkansas at the Delta Cultural Center. The cd is on Blue Witch Records, and you can buy it at