Saturday, June 16, 2018

Victoria Ginty and Ladyhawke -- Unfinished Business

Victoria Ginty and her Ladyhawke band have made a strong album which comes out of years of experience. As a signed recording artist with BMG before the contraction of the recording industry, Victoria had a number #1 record on worldwide charts for thirteen weeks and was nominated for "Singer Songwriter of the Year" and "Video of the Year" by the Academy of Independent Recording Artists. But then she stepped back from the music business for family reasons, and this album is a new start.

"Unfinished Business" was recorded at GCR Audio Studios in Buffalo New York. It features eleven tracks, eight of them originals. The originals are all written by Ginty and her writing partner Mike Ivey, with the exceptions of "Hard To Move On," written by Ginty/Mike Ivey/Grace Lougen; and "Water," written by Ginty and Mike Ward. The covers include Earl Bud Lee's "Lying (In Each Other's Arms)," Terrance Trent D'Arby's "Sign Your Name," and Jimmy McCracklin's "Every Night And Every Day." The covers are each changed significantly from their original form.

The band includes Tim Costello on guitar, Wayne Cornelius on sax, along with Chuck Weirich on trumpet, and Nick Lauro on drums.

This is a big band blues record with lots to recommend it. Ginty's vocals are strong and expressive. The band makes every song fly, and who doesn't love a blues band with horns? I play songs from this album on my radio show, The Mo' Blues Show, at and Ginty and Ladyhawke sound great.

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