Tuesday, May 29, 2012

J T Coldfire -- "Always & Never"

J T Coldfire is a fine guitarist and singer and songwriter, and if you like blues, this is a cd you need to pick up. J T is based in Austin Texas, and if you know anything at all about the music scene in Austin you know that to stay there you have got to bring it. J T can hold his own with the best Austin has to offer. He wrote all the songs, and he arranged and produced everything here. And let me tell you, everything POPS! The ten songs cover the waterfront from party blues to acoustic to everything in between. The band is JT on guitars and vocals, Roland 'Woe' Guajardo on harp and backing vocals, Pelle Sundquist on drums and backing vocals, Magnus Edland on bass and backing vocals, Ingemar Rogefeldt on guitar and backing vocals, Anna-Carin Borgstrom on duet vocals owith J T on "Let's Go For A Drive," Per Eric Johannsson on piano, Bjorn Lexelius on organ, Kaj Sundqvist on sax, and Glas-Goran Dahlberg on accordian. It's a big band, with an upfront blues sound, and they all play and sing just fine. In fact, "Let's Go For A Drive" is my favorite song on the cd. But throughout, JT leads the band with his fine vocals and rip-roaring guitar. "Party Lovin Pappa" sounds good like Roomful of Blues, with hot harp work. "Get It On (In The Back of the Bar)" is the closest you're likely to come to the Stray Cats rockabilly sound, including a hot piano driving the beat and a great sax solo. There's good lyrics about life and love in "I'm The Best Thing You Ever Had." You could hear "Tired Man's Blues" on a polka radio station, as it features a hot accordian.

J T has been a well-kept secret, but I'm glad to blow the lid off that. Get this cd and see if, after hearing it once, you'll play it again. By the third or fourth time you listen, you'll be carrying this cd with you so you can play it for your friends. Listen for these tracks to start turning up on your favorite blues radio station. J T is that good. Trust me.

You can buy this cd at http://www.jtcoldfire.com

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