Friday, July 11, 2008

Last night I saw Nicole Hart & NRG (energy) Band

They were live at Darwin's in Marietta Georgia--a fantastic room--and they put on a really good show! Let me admit that I have championed Nicole Hart for nearly 2 years now, but wow! She was coming home last night--she is a native Atlanta girl--and she made everyone at Darwin's feel like a member of the family. Nicole is now fronting a new band with one terrific exception: she still has Lance Ong, keyboard player extrordinaire and musical arranger. The new members include Jared Kahn on Guitar and Alvin Harrison on bass and a new drummer whose name I couldn't catch. This new NRG band gives Nicole's vocals a much younger louder and more NRGetic (energetic--get it?) "launching point" than the band captured on the "Live" Nicole Hart & NRG Band cd that came out in 2006. Comparing the show I saw last night with that album showed me that somebody needs to get this band into the studio right away. They have improved by leaps and bounds in the last two years. I was impressed last night by every part of the show. Tonight they are at Harry A's club in St George Island, Florida, and they will soon (July 17-18-19) be playing at Pineapple Willie's at Panama Beach, Florida. Keep up with Nicole Hart & theNRG Band--they have a MySpace page, and they are represented by Blues Boys & Divas, and their website is:

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Ben the Harpman said...

Nicole is a fabulous singer. I really want to hear their new album and I'm anxious to see how her energy (no pun intended) translates to record.

Come on over and visit my website for some CD reviews if you get the chance. Looks like we share some similar tastes!