Saturday, September 19, 2015

Clarence "The Blues Man" Turner -- "The Caster Blaster"

Clarence "The Blues Man" Turner's second cd, "The Caster Blaster" (2015) is a strong follow up to his debut "Pay Day." (2012) Turner is a true triple threat--singer, songwriter, guitarist, bass player, drummer--and this disc is a big step up from "Pay Day." This time  around, the Washington, D.C. area artist and winner of numerous awards presents what will be his deserved breakthrough release. Eight songs are Turner originals and there are three covers There are three covers, Chuck Willis' "CC Rider," Ray Charles' "Black Jack," and Willie Dixon's "I'm Ready." The band with Turner are  Sean Graves (drums), Charles Pearson (keyboards), David Satterwhite (bass), Gene Meros (saxophones) and Gary Hendrickson (trumpet).

Turner has earned the title "The Blues Man" and he shows himself an excellent ear as a songwriter throughout. He is also a fine singer, and a very good guitarist too. He can play the fast blues as well as anyone, and he when he slows things down, as on "Black Jack," he makes every moment shine. Pearson has several fine moments on keyboards, most impressively on "Nadine." Graves and Satterwhite keep everything effortlessly moving in the pocket. And I think any artist who makes an entire cd with a horn section must have plenty for them to do--and this cd is no exception. Meros and Hendrickson add great color, depth and intensity to "Sabrena," "Fender Bender," "Happily Married Man."

Everything here is well done and the result is a fine cd. Equally good as music for a party or for quiet introspection, this is one I highly recommend. The fact that Clarence is a real good guy--that's just an added special bonus.  

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