Monday, June 2, 2014

It's About Damn Time!

Six months of silence on this blog, a blog that I have been writing since 2007, a blog that made me happy and kept me connected for 6 years. Yikes! I started last August looking for a house in the Kansas City metro area, and after we found and bought it in October there were renovations to do and all our stuff to move. Now I have finally finished unpacking at my small grey house in Prairie Village Kansas. I love And after losing the past six months, I aim to begin on the blog again today, and if I can write two or three blues cd reviews each week, in about 6 months I might begin to feel caught up again. There is never any shortage of great music to review--there are great musicians writing/performing/singing/imagining wonderful new blues music every single day.

Can you imagine that there were days when we had not heard any music from Stevie Ray Vaughan? Or Koko Taylor? Or BB King? I truly believe that somebody who will have as big an impact as any of the greats just picked up a pencil, or a guitar, for the very first time and they are coming down the pike real soon. No, the blues are not dead. My opinion is the blues are as alive as ever, and all that is required is for us to find those new musicians, that new band, that new lyric, that new chord change--and let it connect within our hearts.

I invite you again to share this journey with me.

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