Monday, May 13, 2013

Big Bill Morganfield -- "Blues With A Mood"

As I continue to play catch up from last February, I want to share a few words about the latest cd from Big Bill Morganfield, "Blues With A Mood." 

Big Bill's last cd (2009's "Born Lover") was terrific, and this one is even better. The songs are all really strong--7 of them are originals, and the others are by Muddy Waters, Willie Dixon, Peter Chatman, and Doc Malone. The band Big Bill has assembled is absolutely all star caliber. How about Big Bill on guitar and vocals, and Augie Meyers on piano, and Eddie Taylor Jr on guitar, and Colin Linden on guitar, and Mookie Brill on bass, and Chuck Cotton on drums, and Doc Malone on harp? AND add to that core the guest musicians--Bob Margolin on guitar, Steve Guyger on harp, Chuck Stern on piano, and Brian Bisesi on guitar. What a great lineup!

This cd documents the continuing musical journey of Muddy Water’s son, Big Bill Morganfield. Indeed, he contributes yet another solid disk to keeping the blues flame burning bright. Bill recorded this, his 5th record, in Nashville Tennessee with Colin Linden in the producers' chair Big Bill said, "I wanted to put together a set of tunes with heavy grooves and deep moods which stay close to the musical genre of Howlin' Wolf, John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters, Junior Parker, Robert Johnson, and several other of my musical heroes." He has done that, and made the best cd of his 15 year career.
My favorite song here is "No Butter For My Grits," a true-to-life and very funny song.

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