Monday, February 25, 2013

Lucky Peterson Band -- "Live at The 55 Arts Club Berlin"

This 2 cd + 3 DVD set is a massive achievement, showcasing one night at the end of the Lucky Peterson Band's 2012 tour of Europe.  Lucky Peterson is one of the most versatile blues musicians on the international blues scene: blazing lead guitarist, fantastic organist and a first class singer. He has been playing music since he as 3 years old. Under the tutelage of Willie Dixon, he made his first album when he was 5 years old. Now After 12 albums and a lifetime of playing the blues, Lucky Peterson has absolutely no trouble filling three hours with his supercharged personality and great music.

The band is a perfect match for him. Shawn Kellerman on guitar, Tim Waites on bass, and Raul Valdes are a rootin' tootin' blues powerhouse band. They tear the house down and build in back up again on song after song. Lucky plays Hammond B-3 and guitar and sings, and he is joined on vocals by the supremely talented Tamara Peterson.

I'll tell you how good this set is: if the only thing they released was the portion of the show from Ray LaMontagne's "Trouble" and "Blues Medley" and "You Shook Me," that 32 minute section alone would be in the running for CD of the year. Similarly, if the only thing they released was the portion starting with "Knocking" through "How Do I, Why Do I" and "I Don't Like You But I Love You" and "Been So Long," that 23 minute section alone would be in the running for CD of the year.....for Tamara Peterson. Luckily, those two sections come one right after the other and that's not even all of the first half of the show. In the second half of the show there is a similar section from "I'm Ready" to "Who's Been Talking?" to "Dust My Broom" and "The World's In A Tangle" and Prince's "Kiss" that is even stronger than all that has gone before--everybody is on fire. It is truly superlative music-making. This is a career highlight set for Lucky Peterson, the best he has ever played, and that's saying a lot. And if you are tempted to save a few $$ and just get the cds, please don't cheat yourself. The first two DVDs are the same as the cds but with the addition of visuals, and the third DVD includes a number of songs with just the band of Kellerman/Waites/Valdes. Those three guys by themselves are worth seeing--you watch that DVD and you understand that Lucky and Tamara had to be on top of their game or the band would blow them right off the stage. 

This release has earned The Lucky Peterson Band a 2013 BMA nomination in the DVD category.       

You an buy this set at in either the 2 cd set, or in the deluxe 2 cd + 3 DVD sets.

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