Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bert Deivert -- "Kid Man Blues"

Bert Deivert is a blues mandolin player. If you have never heard of him, or his great music, "Kid Man Blues" is your invitation. Deivert is an international musician, born in Boston, now living in Sweden and recording this cd in the USA, Sweden and Thailand. He plays on this, his tenth cd, with great fire and passion and taste. Deivert shares these songs with some great guests, including Bill Abel from Mississippi, Memphis Gold from Washington, DC, the great Delta drummer Sam Carr, (RIP Sam) Tom Paley, from the New Lost City Ramblers, the great pianist Willie Saloman, Janne Zander, the great slide guitarist Brian Kramer, Mats Qwarfordt, Sven Zetterberg, guitarist Dulyasit "Pong" Srabua from Bangkok, and many other great Thai and Swedish musicians.

But enough about all that--how does it sound? In a word, delightful. If you are a fan of the early Grateful Dead, or those Old & In The Way-era David Grisman/Jerry Garcia collaborations, or those great old acoustic country blues of Mississippi John Hurt then you will love this cd. Deivert has created a big-hearted embrace of the joys and glory of real music played and sung, worthy to be compared to the music of John Hartford, Woody Guthrie, Rev Gary Davis. Timeless music. Deivert's singing is just wonderful, and his work on the mandolin is terrific. You could just as easily call this country music, or blues, or americana--labels don't matter. There's a great version of "Keep On Truckin'," and an equally great take of the traditional "Diddie Wah Diddie," a fine cover of R L Burnside's Goin' Down South," and deeply soulful readings of "Cypress Grove" and Walter Davis's "Come Back Baby" that brought tears to my eyes it made me miss Dave Van Ronk so much. Earlier today I played several songs from this disc for a friend. He listened, and then he looked at me and said "That's good stuff." Jim, you're right--this is good stuff.

You can buy this cd at http://www.cdbaby.com

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