Saturday, July 2, 2011

EG Kight -- "Lip Service" (Blue South/Vizztone)

I have been a fan of EG ever since I first heard her, back on KJLU-FM in Jefferson City MO. "Lip Service" is her sixth release, and like always, the center of the cd is her voice and song writing. The good news is that her voice is in great form, and the songs here are as good as any she has written. Eleven of the 12 are written or co-written by Kight. Paul Hornsby is in the producer's chair, and the band includes EG (vocals, rhythm guitar), Gary Porter and Bill Stewart on drums, Johnny Fountain and Marshall Coats on bass, Tommy Talton and Ken Wynn on guitar; with special guests John Nemeth (vocals), Randall Bramlett (Hammond B-3, piano, drums, guitar) Earl Ford (trombone), Marcus Henderson (Sax) and Gil Gillis (guitar, piano, bass, percussion). Hornsby also plays Hammond B-3, bass and piano, and Kimberly Welch brings soulful background vocals. The songs are in the typical EG Kight blues/gospel/country flavor, and they range from big band with full horn section numbers, such as "Goodbye" and "I'm In It To Win It" all the way to Kight vocals over keyboards bass and drum number like "It's Going To Rain All Night" and "I'm Happy With the One I Have Now." Every song has something to draw you in--the intensity of the vocal duet with John Nemeth on "Somewhere Down Deep," with a great guitar break by Tommy Talton, is my favorite track.

In my opinion, the top female vocalists in blues are Janiva Magness and CC James. EG Kight should be counted right beside them. Her voice and songwriting and tasteful music continues to shine. You can buy this cd at


Mark said...

Putting her up there with some pretty heady company. Must be great stuff.

Anonymous said...

EG Kight can sing a ballad like no other. She has the ability to pull the listner into the song so they feel like they are on the journey with her. This is evident on Lip Service on songs like That is how a Woman loves, Savannah, and Somewhere Down Deep. Her song writing is unique and refreshing.

bruce Edwards said...

She is a real good singer, Mark--big strong voice, a lot like Patsy Cline. She was mentored early on by Koko Taylor.