Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hadden Sayers "Hard Dollar"

Hadden Sayers is a Texas-based blues guitarist, songwriter and singer. He was born in Nacogdoches, TX and was raised in Sugar Land. Following college Sayers began his “blues internship” with legendary BB King rhythm section “Silent Partners,” then he joined Bluesman Lucky Peterson’s touring band. After his stint with Lucky Peterson, Sayers returned to Houston, TX to concentrate on writing songs. It was there he began a 3 year association with regional sensation Miss Molly and the Whips making his recording and songwriting debut on her first 2 releases: “Miss Molly” (EFM 1992) and “In the Garden” (EFM 1993). Sayers began work on his own in late 1993 and the Hadden Sayers Band was born...touring the globe and going on to create 4 more albums of searing blues-rock.

His 5th cd, Hard Dollar, is the best of the bunch. Let me tell you, if you loved those great albums that John Hiatt made way back in the day -- "Slow Turning," "Bring The Family" -- then you are in luck because Hadden Sayers channels those great albums on Hard Dollar. That is high praise indeed. Hard Dollar was produced by Sayers using his touring band consisting of Tony McClung on drums, Mark Frye on bass and Dave DeWitt on Hammond organ. Sayers writes all the songs, and plays acoustic and electric guitars and sings. Special guests include Phil Clark on harmonica and baritone sax and Doug Kahan on bass guitar on "InsideOut Boogie," and Ruthie Foster adds vocals on "Back To The Blues." Every song on this disc is worthy of blues radio play--fine playing, good singing, smart lyrics. "Take Me Back To Texas" gets things started with a bang, and "All I Want Is You" has a great opening Elmore James slide riff, and "Back to the Blues" is a very fine duet with Ruthie Foster. Thereafter every song is just great--there are no weak links. Sayers writes a few words about each song on the inside cover. My favorite song here is "Room 155." Sayers says it is written in honor of Sean Costello. After you buy this cd you may find that you're listening to it all the time.

Hard Dollar comes out June 21st on Blue Corn Music/IODA/SonyRed.

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