Friday, December 31, 2010

Five more great CDs

Ok, I'm going to admit it--I wrote up my TOP TEN BLUES RELEASES of 2010 the other day, and ever since then I have been kicking myself. I think I left out about 5 other great cds from artists who deserve your attention, artists who made great music in 2010......and artists that should get recognized but did not appear in the Top Ten I posted the other day.

So if you'll give me another chance, here are FIVE MORE GREAT CDs. In no particular order:

Robin Rogers -- Back In The Fire. See Rick Harmon's review Dec 16.

Buddy Guy -- Living Proof. See my review October 24.

Nick Moss -- Privileged. See my review March 30.

The Delta Flyers -- Sixteen Bars. See my review November 22.

John Nemeth -- Name The Day. I am sorry I really missed this one in 2010. I've been a fan of this guy since 2006. John Nemeth has set such a high standard over his past 3-4 cds, and this time out his singing, harp playing, and songwriting are all TOP NOTCH. Nemeth has always been one of the best singers around, and this time out he continues to cook. John leads a first-class band through his strongest batch of songs. Best song here could be "Heartbreak With A Hammer," which features great harp work AND a great guitar solo AND nice piano work AND a smooth horn section all riding atop a great groove, or it could be "I Said Too Much," which features a great old school R & B call-and-response vocal with the spirit of Otis Redding.

Ok, so now in my mind, anyway, I have suggested a Top Fifteen of 2010. These are all worthy of your purchase. I promise I'm not going to suggest 5 more next Monday.

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C. Michael Bailey said...

The Buddy Guy is outstanding. I have often given more credit to White blues guitarists for having better chops, but Buddy Gut is the bomb!