Friday, October 29, 2010

Lance Lopez "Salvation From Sundown"

Lance Lopez is a blues-rock guitar gunslinger, and "Salvation From Sundown" is a great blues-rock cd. I was tipped off to Lance's music back in 2007 by my DJ friend Mark Smith, the Blues Pilot at KJLU FM. Mark always has loved a hot 3 piece band. Turns out Lance Lopez has been around for quite a while, including a 3 year stint in Lucky Peterson's band starting when Lance was just 18. In 1999 Lance won the Southeastern Regional JIMI HENDRIX Electric Guitar competition in New Orleans sponsored by EXPERIENCE HENDRIX. Lopez has released 5 previous cds--the first one was "First Things First" in 1998 which should have been a big hit. Over the years Lance has continued to develop a hard-charging style, complimented perfectly by a gruff voice. This album is his best yet. It was produced by Jim Gaines, and the band is Tony Valdez on bass and Cody Norman on drums. The first song "Love Of Mine" sets out what's coming--a straightforward full guitar tone played with confidence, with the voice front and center, telling a story with fire and heart. After that comes what may be the best song here, "My Good Thang," and on song after song both the writing and the playing are just top-notch. A dozen sizzling cuts. If you like your blues heavy with a dose of rock on the side, this disc is right up your alley. If you like Todd Wolfe or Albert Cummings you should give Lance Lopez a listen. Really good stuff.

This cd is on MIG label. Release date is November 9, 2010. You can buy this cd at

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