Sunday, January 24, 2010

Derek Davis “American Blues Box” (2006)

For this disc I need to thank my new friend Don de la Leaumont, a fellow fan of Bob Dylan and a good singer-songwriter. Don showed up at my house last Thursday with a cd in his hands--the “American Blues Box.” He told me I would love it, and after I listened to about 45 seconds of the opening cut “Mississippi Mud” I knew he was right. This is some fine rockin’ blues! The band is made of Derek Davis on vocals and slide guitar, James Pacheco on drums, Kyle Bates on lead guitar, Eric Pacheco on bass, Charlie Knight on harmonica and Rob Lansing on bass. The band was formed by Davis & Pacheco in late 2004 and they are based in the San Francisco Bay area. The music feature some great guitar playing, gruff but powerful vocals, fine rocking percussion and some wailin’ harmonica. If you love old early Aerosmith or more recent Kenny Wayne Shepherd this is right up your alley--it sounds like primo J. Geils Band, seriously blues AND rock and roll. And this disc includes the best version of “Some Kind of Wonderful” by any band ever.

This cd is on Apocalypse Records. You can buy it at

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