Friday, January 16, 2009

Nelson Adelard "South By Southwest"

Nelson Adelard's most recent disc is a treat. Nelson was on the West Coast for a number of years, and he recently relocated from Southern California to Mississippi. Here he plays harmonica, guitar, piano and sings -- and he does each with an abundance of energy and joy. The first two cuts here "One More Mile To Go" and "Rocket 88" were recorded live back in 2006 by the West Coast Band--Nelson and John Duzik on bass, Uncle Ben Beckley on drums, Mikey Mo on guitar and Mark Norris on sax--and they set a high standard for the new band to follow on the rest of the disc. But it soon becomes obvious that moving has lubricated Adelard's song writing in really good ways. These new songs stick in your head. And the band--Nelson with Louisiana natives James Slaughter on bass and Greg Worley on drums--is surely up to the challenge. Nothing is fancy, but these guys splash love and chops all over this disc. There are songs here from "I Ain't Gonna Miss LA" which wouldn't sound out of place on a Randy Newman disc. "Sweet Home In McComb" sounds like Fats Domino, and "Do What You Do" sounds like Dr John, and "Rock It Right" sounds like a Memphis-style swing boogie. "Boogie Down The Road" is my favorite song here, an especially sweet driving song--I'd really love to hear this on the radio, but it would be hard for me to stay under the speed limit! My only quibble is I wish there were a few more songs here.

This is a fine disc, and an artist that many people would like. This is uplifting happy blues music. This disc is on Blue Track Records, and you can buy this disc from Nelson's website:

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