Saturday, September 6, 2008

Scissormen "Luck In A Hurry" (Vizztone)

Scissormen is a two man group based in Nashville--Ted Drozdowski on slide guitar and vocals, Rob Hulsman on drums. I've been listening to these guys since 2006 and they just keep getting better. "Luck in a Hurry" is their best cd yet. Ted D is a GREAT slide guitar player coming from the R L Burnside tradition, and Hulsman is a really good drummer. This time out they bring forth nine originals and two covers of live in the studio, high-energy blues. Guests on this set include Billy Conway, drummer for Morphine, on "Junior's Blues," veteran blues pianist Teo Leyasmeyer, and Dicky Barrett, vocalist for the Mighty Mighty Bosstones on "Whiskey And Maryjane," which also guests Ted D's psychedelic rock band The Devil Gods. Highlights include the great opener from their live shows "Tupelo," and "Mattie Sweet Mattie" is full of menace and control, the best thing on the disc. There is a howling guitar break on "Preachin' the Blues," the great vocal on "The Devil is Laughing." Everything Teo Leyasmeyer touches here is improved by his tasteful piano work. The cover of "John The Revelator" is great Bo Diddley-styled hot rockabilly blues. Quibbles? I wish they hadn't done "Death Letter," which is starting to get stale for me. Need to know more? Anthony DeCurtis has proclaimed Ted "a guitarist of spellbinding invention and intelligence. His slide playing shears the skin off your bones...." High praise. "Luck in a Hurry" is available at

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