Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Review: "Meet Me in the Cotton Fields"

Terry "Big T" Williams & Wesley "Junebug" Jefferson have joined a long and illustrious blues tradition with "Meet Me in the Cotton Fields"--the duet record. It is as old as Brownie & Sonny and as new as Moreland and Arbuckle--but the general outlines are two people sharing vocals and instruments to express what life is like. Telling what one person could not express. Well, these two guys share and it sounds real good. Four of these songs are written by Wesley Jefferson, two are by Terry Williams, three are traditional and one is a Muddy Waters cover. These two haven't played together for a long time, but they grew up in the same place, (Clarksdale, Mississippi) they have similar backgrounds, and they have both played the country blues as an art form and an avocation. These guys know how to play the blues and they do these songs proud. This is one of those cds to pack if you are driving from Memphis south thru the Delta on hIghway 61, and if you are ever near Clarksdale Mississippi stop in at Cathead Music and say Hello to Roger Stolle, one of the really good guys helping keep the blues alive.

This release is on Broke and Hungry Records, which is a new label from St Louis, Missouri specializing in the country blues. The website is at

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