Monday, February 11, 2008

Blues and Barbeque just go together!

I know I'm supposed to be writing about Blues, and I love the Blues. And I love Barbecue too. Back in 2006 I actually took the class and became a certified Barbecue Judge in the Kansas City Barbecue Society. And if you care much for either the Blues or Barbecue you know they both take time and passion to come out just right. Sometimes a lot of time and passion! Well, I have been living here in Decatur, Georgia ever since last September, and you know that means I have been hunting for good Blues and good Barbecue for the entire time!

And the other evening I finally found some first-quality Barbecue at Southern Soul Barbeque at St Simon's Island, Georgia. They have two locations at St Simon's Island, which means they are easy to find. The locations are at: 318 Mallory Street, 912-634-7516; and 2020 Demere Road. They get extra points with me because they're closed on Sundays. You can tell when there is real Barbecuing going on somewhere--there is big a stack of hardwood somewhere close by, and the whole city block smells great! The folks at Southern Soul Barbeque are doing it up right. Eating one sandwich here is actually worth the 5 hour drive from Decatur. The pulled pork shoulder is really GOOD. The Brunswick Stew is really GOOD. These guys have been awarded a Silver Spoon by Georgia Trend magazine. They're the best I've found in Georgia--so far.

And if you happen to be there on the second Friday of the month you are in for a real treat, because around 8:00pm the Neptune Park Rangers play bluegrass music at Southern Soul Barbeque. It is a real family atmosphere, and a good time.

Check it out. I wouldn't steer you wrong.

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